R9 & R9 Plus

R9 & R9 Plus

OPPO R9 Plus Available Now at Mobileciti

VOOC Flash Charge + Big Battery From Zero To Go

Our VOOC Flash Charge is the fastest and safest charging technology to help you get your phone from zero to ready to go. Five minutes of charging can give you enough power for a two-hour phone call. There are already over 10 million people in the world who are enjoying the convenience VOOC Flash Charge brings. With a 2850 mAh battery, the R9 will not only charge really fast, but it will also have a long lasting battery life.

4GB RAM With 64GB ROM Your phone has never been this fast and powerful

4GB RAM is perfectly matched with an incredible 8-core processor. The R9 provides you with a faster and smoother experience, be it gaming, internet browsing or using resource-heavy apps. With 64GB of built-in storage you can save all your favourite music, videos and other files.

Touch Access Intelligent, Fast, Safe And Accurate

The Touch Access technology of the R9 makes unlocking your phone much easier and faster using an advanced ceramic material. Your phone can unlock in just 0.2s. Thanks to various sophisticated algorithms it is able to learn and refine your fingerprint records so the more you unlock your smartphone, the more accurate and safer it will get.
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